Creativity, passion
determination, problem solving
risk taking and team work

The Aldridge North West Education Trust is the Aldridge Foundation’s regional academy trust for the North West.

The Foundation is an educational charity that helps young people to reach their potential and improve their communities, principally through the sponsorship of entrepreneurial academy schools and colleges. More information about the Aldridge Foundation and its sponsored schools in other parts of the country can be found on the Foundation’s website.

Academies in the North West Education Trust are:

The Foundation provides each sponsored school with advice and data driven improvement planning led by our Education Director. Every school also has an Academic Partner, highly experienced in their Key Stages, to give advice and support.

In addition, schools receive support from, amongst others, a Governance Manager, a Director of External Affairs and a Director of Construction – full details of the Foundation team.

The Foundation has a binding agreement with each school, closely allied with our goals and values, to ensure that a high quality service is provided for the benefit of our students and their local communities, and that in return each school as part of the family develops and retains the distinctive character which defines an Aldridge school.

To find out more about the advantages of joining the Aldridge family of schools in the North West, or to request a brochure giving more information on our education improvement and support services for primary and secondary schools, please contact Shirley Parks,Trust chief executive.